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General Terms And Conditions

All orders are accepted and shipped strictly subject to these general terms and conditions, no additional or different terms or conditions stated by buyer shall be applicable to your order, unless agreed to in writing by an authorized representative of Arry Interantional Group Limited (Arry).

Prices are subject to change without notice. Listed prices do not include shipping, any applicable taxes or customs charges, which must be paid by the Customer. Most of materials listed are subject a minimum order requirement. For the prices in quantities not listed, please contact Arry for detailed information. Quotations are effective for fifteen (15) days from the date of quotation. Arry reserves the right to change prices at time of order due to changing material market conditions, if a critical material is market-price sensitive. Arry reserves the right to ship excess or deficiency of five weight percent (+/- 5%) on materials ordered.

Quotations and delivery estimates should be requested, and confirmed by email or fax, for any non-standard items or quantities required. Please contact the Arry marketing department for details.

All orders are subject to acceptance by Arry, and should include the Arry Item Number for each product desired. Please consult the Arry website, at , to determine correct Item Numbers, or contact the Arry marketing department.

Minimum order is hundred Euro(100€). Once Order value is over €5000, the Postage and Packing are free. If it less than €5000, the Postage and Packing fee €20 would be required for german orders, and normally €50 for foreign orders; overnight delivery is available, at extra charge. Customers may have shipping billed to a designated carrier, if the Customer’s account number, and type of service desired is provided with the order.

Nano materials are shipped in powder form, packaged in antistatic bags and plastic bottles for shipment, unless the Customer has made other arrangements with Arry marketing department, and confirmed by email or fax.

FOB point of all shipments from or to Arry is Cologne, Germany. Shipment is normally made by priority mail or 2nd day express, unless Customers specify otherwise and receive email confirmation from Arry. Overnight shipment is available, at extra cost.

Shipments are be insured at the Customer’s expense.

Net due at time of order, unless other arrangements are made with Arry marketing department and confirmed by email or fax.

Postal Money Order, or Company, University, or Personal Checkare are accepted.

All shipments will be provided with a Purity Analysis Certificate, which verifies Carbon content, residual catalyst content, and functional groups (if any). Extra testing and characterization services, including SEM, TEM, AFM, TGA, and optical spectroscopy are available at extra cost, and may delay delivery; please inquire of the Arry marketing department.

Prices in Arry published Price Lists are domestic (Euro) list prices; for foreign shipments, please make required conversion to Euro. Payment of applicable customs fees, taxes, etc. is the Customer’s responsibility. Payment is to be made by Wire Transfer, or Irrevocable Letter of Credit, unless other arrangements are made with Arry marketing department and confirmed by email or fax. Foreign shipments may only be made in compliance with any applicable german export control laws; end-user information may be required to obtain an export license.

All nano materials are sold by Arry “as is”. The suitability of nano materials for a particular application is the responsibility of the Customer to determine, as is compliance with all relevant patents, laws, safety procedures, and regulations. The liability of Arry shall be limited to the sales price; no other warranty is expressed or implied.

Nano materials properties given should be considered as nominal values obtained from representative samples, rather than as specifications.

Nano materials are sold “as is”. If the product is felt to be defective within 30 days of receipt, please consult the Arry marketing department. Please do not return material to Arry before obtaining proper authorization, and email or fax confirmation. Any return shipments to Arry should be prepaid, FOB Brattleboro VT, insured, and contain a copy of the original purchase order. If material proves to be defective, Arry will replace it or refund the purchase price, at its option.

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